Start-up specialist chooses Berngaard/Sandbek

Oslo and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, now associate in record time, Erling Løken Andersen, has chosen to come to Berngaard/Sandbek. By bringing in an individual with actual experience with successful start-ups we further develop our expertise within technology and strengthen our focus on start-ups. We are proud to welcome Erling to our team!

About Erling

Erling is the founder of the online social network In 2008 it was sold to Egmont and TV2 for a reported NOK 75 million. After the sale, Erling was faced with a tax dispute with Skatt Øst where he was required to pay extra tax on his earn-out from Motivated to win this dispute, Erling enrolled at the University of Oslo and completed his law degree in half the usual time whilst working full time. He wrote his master thesis on earn-out drawing interest from his own experience and genuine interest in the field.

Erling’s earlier education consists of a 3-year degree as an Art Director at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology. He has accumulated close to 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in multiple start-ups. Additionally, he has worked in Silicon Valley which has provided him broad experience within business law, such as: Technology and media law, M&As, earn-in/earn-out issues, labour law, and corporate law. His expertise is further supplied with courses in labour law and corporate law from the University of Oslo.


Why I chose Berngaard/Sandbek

Berngaard/Sandbek is a leading law firm within technology, public procurement, and enterprise law that is witnessing strong growth. They are innovative and led by lawyers with great experience, a good business understanding, and they work closely with their clients, something I believe suits me. I will be working within the fields that I am passionate about: start-ups, IT law, corporate law, and labour law. I look forward to tackling new challenges, getting to know the clients, and contribute to the growth of the firm.”

- Erling


The born practician

With his vast network and insight combined with an understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and investors, Erling employs a practical and commercially orientated approach to judicial problem-solving in order to give wholesome advice to his clients. Armed with long experience from the customer and supplier’s side, Erling is able to quickly envision himself in the shoes of his clients’ situation and potential problems.


“Erling has unique experience with establishing and leading start-ups to success. With this knowledge and know-how he will contribute and strengthen the firm and handling the increased number of assignments within digital transformation, cloud services, and service innovation. As well as advising entities interested in cooperating and investing in these firms. Erling has a genuine interest in the industry which makes him a great fit for Berngaard/Sandbek. We look forward to the commencement of his position in August.”

 – Thor Beke, Managing Partner


About Berngaard/Sandbek

Berngaard/Sandbek is a law firm in Oslo with specialists within technology and media  law, public procurement, corporate law and M&A, labour law, construction law and property law. Our lawyers combine solid expertise, industry knowledge and business understanding in order to provide practical and effective advice to our clients.



You can contact Berngaard/Sandbek’s new member at or by phone: +47 943 28 901

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our managing partner Thor Beke at or by phone at +47 922 31 690 and take a look at our homepage.

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